Facade Tarot – Discover your hidden potential and unlock the meaning behind everything around you using facade tarot cards

The Facade Tarot Card is the sole guide you'll require when using tarot reading. The book provides detailed descriptions of each card, its meaning and how to use it to enhance your readings. Professional illustrations help readers understand the explanation instantly and apply the cards precisely. I'm Anna Torrey - a correspondent for Life Path Tv and an internationally famous skilled tarot reader , who shares her wisdom with people from all over the world!

Tarot cards are around for centuries and offer the ability to guide you through many areas of life. The deck, called known as the Facade Tarot, is based on our hometown Chicago. It not only provides insights into what is to come but also takes you on an adventure through the long-standing classics, which are largely unaffected by modern interpretations. Take us with you from Chicago's postindustrial district to the bustling city center and tell fascinating tales of lore and history everywhere. Get a glimpse of the iconic landmarks of Chicago through an imaginative new lens!

Facade Tarot - Uncover your hidden talents and discover the purpose behind everything around you with facade tarot cards

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